This week we read, Questions, Questions to help us begin to think about wonders we have.

Some of us shared ideas like:
How do the leaves change color?

Why do some sharks go after humans?

Will I ever find a four leaf clover?

Add some more wonder questions you are thinking about in the comments.

These are the amazing faces of our first grade class! 
Can you think of word that tells about these faces? Add it to our comments and we can create a poem! I will start the first word and as you add to comments, I will add to the poem.

Our Faces
Our faces
Today we practiced using a software tool for creating called Pixie. We have missed our friend Sammy as she has been home sick, so we decided to create a book for her. 
We hope to see you tomorrow Sammy!
 A Book of Happy Thoughts for Sammy
 We read Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed this week!! The kids thought about how many feet would be in the bed if all the monkeys were jumping. 

How many feet would be in the bed if your whole  family was jumping? 

Use numbers, pictures and words to explain your thinking at home and tell us what you come up with in the comments!

After reading lots of books this week, we decided to vote on our favorite. The books that made the top five were:

Who Ate All the Cookie Dough ?  
Wheels on the Bus  
Yes Day
Little Bunny Foo Foo 

Little Bunny Foo Foo had 11 which made it the winner of our favorite book of the week!

Let's talk in the comments about what you liked about it!!

We have had a great first week of school!
After thinking back to the highlights of the week, here are a few favorites mentioned by our class:

Music class
The stop and go song
Bossy Bear books 
Building with Math Choices

Looking forward to posting more favorites this year!!